Tips for Cleaning Your Bedding

Noting is better than being able to lie down on some fresh sheets and enjoy a good night’s rest on a clean bed. It is important to keep your sheets and bedding clean and fresh for both health and comfort reasons. Here are a few tips that you can use for keeping your bedding clean all year long.

Pre-wash is key

Many different sheets of various materials can be cleaned in a common household washing machine, but it is important to note that since many bedding items are larger, they can be difficult to get clean on the first try. It is important to use some pre-wash items on any stubborn stains or spots. This will make it easier for the item to be cleaner overall.

Consider Air Dry

Bedding can be very difficult to get dry after it has been washed. While many items can be put into a traditional dryer, more often than not only one or two items will fit in a load. One way to save time is to air dry many of your bedding items if possible. This will save time, energy, and the strain on your bedding that could come from needing to dry them multiple times in a traditional dryer.

Careful with Quilts & Comforters

Quilts and comforters are almost always the largest pieces of bedding, and the most difficult to clean. It is important to find out the approved cleaning methods for this specific type of bedding. Nothing would be worse than ruining an expensive comforter or damaging a vintage, hand-made quilt. It is usually best practice to avoid getting these types of bedding wet if possible. If you are not sure of the best way to clean them, you may want to consider taking them to a professional dry cleaners. This will ensure that the cleaning is done by a professional, and your items will remain clean and undamaged. Good luck and thanks for reading!


Dry Cleaning Household Items

Spring Cleaning

We are approaching the time when Spring cleaning will start to creep its way up your to-do list. Moving the furniture to clean and thoroughly dusting all of the neglected knick-knacks will no doubt be an important aspect of cleaning up for the new season.

However, there are some home products that your home spring cleaning efforts may not be able to restore to their former glory. Some products should be cleaned professionally at a dry cleaners or garment care specialist. This could be because the product cannot be cleaned with traditional methods, or the item might need a deeper and more complete clean.

  • Comforters – Your comforter surely had plenty of use during the cold winter season. The issue is that most comforters cannot just be tossed in the washer and cleaned using traditional methods. Dry cleaners can clean comforters in a manner that keeps the comforter plush and fresh.
  • Curtains – If a previous tenant or family member smoked over the winter, or you have a number of pets, curtains can end up having unpleasant odors or become stained and unsightly. Unfortunately curtains can be very difficult to clean using traditional methods.
  • Linens – Some high quality linens such as tablecloths or tapestries may actually be dry clean only. It is important to get these items cleaned by a professional, otherwise they could end up being ruined by traditional detergents and cleaners.

When you have finished spring cleaning you will no doubt be overjoyed to see the fresh look of your home. Make sure that you do not neglect certain items that should be cleaned professionally. If you are in doubt, contact a local dry cleaners and see what they can do for you. Good luck and thanks for reading!

Caring for your leather and suede products

Old Leather Boots

Leather and suede products can be some of your most precious clothing or accessory items. It is important to make sure that you are caring for these products and maintaining them in the best way possible. Here are a few tips to follow when you are cleaning your leather and suede products:

  • Be mindful of moisture – Leather that is too wet can end up getting stains or becoming irreparably damaged. Wet leather should be gradually dried to avoid any issues. Very dry leather can have another issue. Very dry leather can end up cracking and permanently losing its shine. Use an approved cream or other product to breathe new life into dry, old leather.
  • Keep it simple – Dirty suede and leather can usually be cleaned by a damp cloth, or a shoe eraser. Using soaps or other detergents can end up destroying the material and completely ruining your leather or suede items.
  • Don’t over stretch – Leather can be stretched, but it cannot be put back. If you end up stretching a pair of leather boots, they will end up staying at the altered shape. Keep this in mind if you let a big footed friend where any of your leather shoes.
  • Let it breathe – It is beneficial to let your leather and suede products breathe to maintain their quality. This keeps them from drying out or cracking, and they will stay fresh and good looking.
  • Get them professionally cleaned – If you need leather restored or cleaned for more than a small stain, it is a good idea to have them cleaned professionally. Professional leather and suede cleaners should be able to repair or restore your leather products rather than you having to get rid of them or damage them further by trying unapproved cleaning methods.

Follow these steps and you will keep your leather and suede products looking great all year long!

What is green dry cleaning?


Believe it or not, all dry cleaners are not created equal. Just like food can be prepared as processed or organic, there are different types of dry cleaners. There are traditional dry cleaners, and then there are companies that specialize in what is known as “Green Dry Cleaning”. This refers to the cleaning methods and chemicals that are utilized during the dry cleaning process.

Traditional dry cleaners may use harsh chemicals such as perchlorethylene or siloxane. While these chemicals are effective during the dry cleaning process and will leave clothing clean and fresh, it can be harmful to the environment to use these chemicals in high quantities.

Green dry cleaners make sure that they do not use these harsh chemicals during the dry cleaning process. A green dry cleaner will make sure that they do not use the harsh chemicals that can have a bad impact on the environment. Instead, they will use natural and odorless CO2 to help clothes become clean but not be affected by any harsh chemicals.

It is worth checking to see if your local dry cleaners provides green dry cleaning services. You will know what is being used to clean your clothes and the impact the process my have on the world around you. Good luck in your dry cleaning search and thanks for reading!

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